President Letter

Dr. Lloyd Zulu

President / Founder / D.D, D.Min, DCE, PhD

Letter from the president

Dear Student,

Greetings in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Allow me to commend you for your earnest desire to become more knowledgeable in the Word of God.

We are living in a dangerous time in human history and we must not allow ourselves to become complacent concerning the things of God. He is speaking to each of us through the Holy Spirit and is encouraging every believer to equip himself as a “workman who need not be ashamed” in order to help usher in the end-time harvest of souls.

Our goal here at World Christian University, is to “prepare and equip the people of God for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.” This goal can only be accomplished through the balanced teaching of the Word of God.

It is our desire at World Christian University to assist all students in gaining a thorough understanding of the truths of God’s Word in order that they may go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures.

We are convinced that many of God’s people hunger for a deeper knowledge of Him and His Word, but due to circumstances beyond their control are unable to take part in the traditional classroom setting. God has called World Christian University to be a ministry tool for these dear ones in order that they may “feast” upon His Word and to learn of Him.

We are strongly committed to reaching those believers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take part in an in-depth Bible school by offering all classes near you within your area and country. In this way we can bring the Bible study to you. It has been our desire to offer all of these classes at low or less charge to you.

Again, may I say welcome to World Christian University. I pray that your spirit will be blessed, your heart encouraged and your mind challenged. Remember: Jesus is coming soon!

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